Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Josie and her friend, Carly, are here from Canada. We all went out for dinner and I managed to get a couple of pictures. One of father & daughter, and then one of the girls separate. They are a wiley group to photograph.



Sunday, August 17, 2014

Laid back Saturday in Paradise...

A little vacation at home. It has been, needless to say, wonderful. How can it not be? We live in an area that is the vacation destination for many people across the United States. Sometimes I simply forget how fantastic it is here.

On this particular day, we started out at one of our favorite places for breakfast. Another Broken Egg. It's owned and operated by our good friends, Linda and Homer. Breakfast was, as usual, tasty. I highly suggest stopping in and enjoying a taste treat. And get a "Homer Hug". You will be glad you did.

On this day I had a simple poached egg on an English muffin. Lovely.

Breakfast at ABE.


After breakfast, we headed to the beach. We went on to Fort Pickens. That's where I love to take photos of all the history found in that area. The green and white homes fascinate me.




I was so happy to see this. 8 is my lucky number...







Then we beached it. Ala Jeremy Style. What is that? Well. You go to the beach. Walk into the water. Swim, swim, swim. Get out. Shower off. Get back in the car and go home. It is liberating!!!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

I had an afternoon of relaxing. Nice. Pulled out my 80-200mm and took pictures around the house.

Something that really tickles me. I have a blue birdhouse on my potting bench by the back door. One year a bird nested in it. This year a little lizard has taken up residence in it. Every once in awhile, when walking by, he will poke his little head out and watch me walk by.

No one has ever lived in my red birdhouse. Yet.


On a side note. Is that not the sorriest little sunflower you have ever seen? Poor little thing. Actually bloomed.
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