Sunday, December 22, 2013

We like to ride through our neighborhood around this time of year to look at all the pretty Christmas lights. This year I brought my camera! Here are some of the Lights of East Hill for you to enjoy!!!!
















Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Orleans 2013 {8}

Here it is. We all knew it had to happen. The last round of pictures from this trip. I have had such an enjoyable time editing, viewing, posting. It is almost like we went again.

But the last day arrived. We left pretty early, so these are the last shots as we were on our way out.

Our window in our room. The mailbox cubby-holes in the lobby.


Just riding out of town...




This is a complete different story...a dream of sorts. If you can count wanting to photograph a deserted fun park a dream. We didn't have time for me to break and enter, so these were taken from the road. There will be another day. Another chance...


Then. Interstate driving. Huge bore. Until we came upon this motorcycle brigade. It stretched on forever. Then, from out of nowhere, much to my glee, the Grinch. On the back of a cycle.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Orleans 2013 {6}

After the walk through the cemetery, we were back on the bus. This post is mostly from the bus. Except for one shot of inside the cafe we stopped at for dinner.



This house is the MTV Real World house.






A little fun shot as we passed by eye level windows!





Canal Street. The widest street in America. Yup. And it really was going to be a canal, but funds fell through. They filled in the canal, added tracks for trolleys and called it a day. The widest street.


The bar in the next set was at Huck Finn's. If you go in, I recommend the Crawfish Etouffee. I was having a little bit of a hissie because Coop's was closed for kitchen remodeling. And I love their Crawfish Etouffee. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I tasted their version. Delicious!


The home of the famous Blue Dog paintings.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OK. We are off the bus and going to take a tour through one of the many old cemeteries in New Orleans. This one is St. Louis Cemetery Number One. It is the oldest surviving cemetery in New Orleans. And it was an interesting walk.

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_185

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_186

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_187

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_188

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_189

The final resting place of Marie Laveau The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Yes. I left an offering. And then another for good measure. She was, after all, the Voodoo Queen. And I don't want to mess with that.

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_192

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_190

Other offerings. Mine wasn't so grand. I didn't know I would have to make offerings at the start of this trip.

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_191

Nature will find a way, and win in the end.

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_193

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_195

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_196

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_198

For some reason I love this photo. It may be my favorite. Old. Faded. Pink. Quiet.

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_199

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_200

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_201

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_202

The place Nicolas Cage has chosen, and built at a great cost, for his final resting place.

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_203

Everything from one...

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_204

He is the one! Looking all stern.

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_205

Almost a little smile. Almost...

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_228

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_206

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_207

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_208

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_209

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_210

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_211

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_212

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_214

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_215

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_216

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_217

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_218

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_219

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_220

Drew liked this one the best. He felt the entry was different. This one was black from age, but obvious this was an old tomb. I'm not nearly as insightful as Drew. I liked it because it was orange.

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_221

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_222

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_223

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_224

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_225

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_226

Looking very somber. Stern. Concerned. Mostly concerned that I had a camera pointed at him.

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_227

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_231

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_232

This one speaks to me...

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_233

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_234

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_235

Poppa Doc Fulker. Isn't that so special? Poppa...

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_236

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_237

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_238

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_240

This one was open. Creeped me out. Someone going in or coming out. hmmmm?

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_241

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_242

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_243

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_244

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_245

The perfect cemetery attire. A black umbrella. And a really nice one, too!

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_246

We didn't take a formal 'tour', but this guy looked interesting. I like to look at my own speed.

20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_247

I had to throw this one in for good measure. Drew took a picture of me on the iPhone. I was under the Treme street sign and standing in the walls of the cemetary. We watch Treme on HBO religiously. (Side note: Take note of my Slytherin scarf. I went through the sorting hat on Pottermore, and I am the only Slytherin in our family! So proud!!)


20131130-1311_50D, 35-70_239

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